A disciples journey

License to Kill

I have decided that I am going to take a class in February at College of the Mainland. Don’t get too excited its just a one week class for me to obtain my Commissioned Security License. That’s basically the same license I have now except I will then be licensed to carry a gun. With that I can go get a better security job that pays twice as much! So the class is five days long starting on the 11th. Its from 8-5 and I have work from 6-12. That will be one long week. I am honestly not looking forward to that at all. I hate the very existence of school. Sitting in a classroom will be one big test in itself. So I have to remained focused on getting the license.

I have decided to stick with the security thing for now since I already have gained a lot experience in that field. Not to mention I have a license to use handcuffs, O.C. Spray, AED machine and a license to do CPR. I also have gotten certified to deal with terrorists through the George Washington University. A lot of people are unaware of how much government related training, Security Officers have to go through. I really hope to get on at NASA working security, just because it is a government facility and has great benefits. I have made my goals, now all I can do is work towards them and hope for the best.

“Going to class… =/”



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