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Currently Disconnected ///Unplugged///

NASA! Yes I got the job working security for NASA. I am very excited about working there, not to mention I will be making some really good money(considering I wont go to college). My last day at the mall will be April 15th. I’m glad to be getting away but at the same time I feel bad for my boss because everyone seems to be leaving.

I have officially become computer-less. My worthless virus infected wannabe laptop quit on me. That’s okay though; for soon I have decided I will build my own computer. This way I know it will be up to my standards on how a computer should work. Now with my new job it shouldn’t take long for me to get it up and running. My computer will also be my “system” for video games. No longer will I spend lots of money on expensive consoles. In the end it will be the better deal.

“plug me in”



One response

  1. wow I did not know you knew how to build computers

    April 9, 2008 at 9:38 pm

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