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61 Staples

Yesterday I was at UTMB for an appointment. The doctor was checking on my progress to see where I was at. they cut off my casts and removed all the staples from my leg. 61 staples to be exact! Some didn’t hurt at all, others were nearly unbearable. They also removed the stitches from my hand. I was so scared to look at my leg.

We were now off to the X-ray room. They took all their shots and sat us in a room for about 20 minutes. The doctor came back and said that there was no evidence of bone growth and that I would need to keep my leg straight until there was some regeneration. Originally we were supposed to get a brace with a hinge so I could bend my leg but I have to wait two more weeks before they can take another look. The doctor also concluded that there is a chance that I might not have full motion in my leg ever again. I find this line of thought to give me chills.

I got a new, more revealing splint for my hand, that can be taken on and off, and was informed that I must start working the fingers before the tendons shrink permanently. My fingers are very stiff and hurt every time I try but the hand therapist lady stated that its totally normal, and it will take a while.

This was the first time that I got to see my x-rays. I distinguished that I have three screws in my hand holding the first metacarpal bone together, and that I contain a metal bar in my leg from the top of my left femur down to the knee with multiple screws in the joint to hold it all in place. There is nothing really left of my lower femur where it meets the joint and without the bar my leg would be like rubber bending in any direction. My only prayer right now is that in two weeks there is some sign of bone growth so i can get my hinged brace.

“living by faith”



One response

  1. freshcoffey

    dude! rough stuff. So ya, definitely move your hand as much as possible. And as for you leg hopefully it gets better so you can catch up on your movies.

    July 5, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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