A disciples journey

Wedding Knocking At The Door

I have come to the terms that I really REALLY HATE crutches….. They are ugly, noisy, and just get in the way. I desire nothing more at this point than to be able to walk by November. As the month slowly creeps up to the doorstep, It feels more and more implausible. Yet I have come a long way as far as the recovery would go. For instance, I can put up to 130lbs on my leg( I only weigh 150). I would start walking with a cane but my leg muscles aren’t strong enough to retain my balance. Not only that, but I have also reached an impass on the bending of my leg. No matter what I do I can’t bend it past 60°. I have come to terms with the fact that it may never pass 60, but I still work on it none the less. It looks very grim to have to take the crutches on the cruise and that fact really makes me feel depressed. Above all I know that everything happens for a reason even though I may be impatient with the way things are. 

“Crutches VS. The Cane”



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