A disciples journey

She Traded It In For Hamm

Its another morning. Sunny with a nice icy breeze while the sun works its way up. There the date sits in front of me; November 1st… A year ago this day I asked the love of my life to be my girlfriend, and now today is our wedding day. The butterflies already began to unleash havoc, pulling me out of my state of slumber. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling inside. Everything will commence in a new light as the sun reaches mid-day, and I say “I do”. One of the most important decisions of my life are being set in stone. The long car drives and airplanes landing are here for me and the blue eyed beauty gliding down the walkway towards me. Here is the start of many precious memories together ♥ I am also very happy to announce that God has blessed me, for I will not need the crutches to walk on my wedding day. Crutches Vs. Cane! It looks like the cane won!!! I thank God for giving me this love and I pray that all those making this same commitment have a love as strong as ours.

“Vows, rings, and a kiss”



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