A disciples journey

5 Months, and 13 Days Later

The Honeymoon is OVER! It is with much reluctance that I say the honeymoon is over and its back to the real world. I wish it wasn’t over, it was so great! The weather was perfect and the water was so blue. I wish I had a big yacht and could just stay out there in the middle no where forever. I took a bunch of pics and recorded little bits here and there. As soon as we got home I put all the pics/video together and made a movie/slideshow. Its pretty cool almost half an hour long.

Waking up to reality and now there is so much to be done. I have to start looking for work again, even though I’m not completely healed. Considering my condition I would have to work somewhere where I can sit on my butt. My leg is very weak and can’t support itself nor can it bend fully. Even more so the weather outside greatly affects my leg. That narrows the jobs down to one which is indoors and in a chair. Hopefully someone will have compassion for my crippled self and will hire me. 

Next on the list, Transportation. I need a vehicle. One that runs without any extra costs to keep it running. I don’t want to have to always borrow someone else’s car but I really wont have a choice till I can make enough to buy my own. Sometimes I just hate cars, not enough money for them but can’t do anything without them. 

I also have to try to schedule an appointment with my ortho doctor, who I haven’t been able to get a hold of since IKE. It is really frustrating and upsetting that no one will take me in. Its been over three months since I seen him last. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing or how to build up my leg strength. I need to know how much bone growth I have, if any….

Last Kathryn has to get all of her information changed with everyone. Starting with the social security people. You cant change any of the simple stuff till you changed your drivers license, and you can’t change your drivers license until you’ve changed you SS card. Paperwork, paperwork…

“cripple looking for work”



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