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Fourth Time’s The Charm?

So today was very interesting… Yes interesting will be the word. 

My hair had been bothering me and never stayed just the way I wanted it. It always grew too fast, so of course the logical thing to do was get it cut. That’s a simple task, right? I walked into Super-Cuts and asked for short spiky hair. “I want a 1/4 inch on the sides and an inch on top. Leave the sideburns.”   The lady who looked completely Zombi-fied, responds, “kay”. 

ATTEMPT #1- I’m watching her cut my hair and I don’t want to be rude but I am certain she is using the wrong size… So I wait. Buzz…… “Hows that?”, she asks. I try to keep my cool but it was obvious she didnt even listen to me. I look into the mirror and see all she did was a trim…

ATTEMPT #2- BUZZ………………… “How’s That?”…. Once again she gave me a trim off of my trim. I tell her I want it to be a fourth on the sides and the other lady over hears me and tells her to use a number 2.

ATTEMPT #3-  Buzz……. “hows that?” She shaves up half the way on the sides and finally cuts the top to the right length, but does not fade in the two different lengths. I’m starring at myself with a short version of the chinese bowl cut, with untouched bushy sideburns… Now I’m pretty sure that when you tell someone to leave the sideburns they still know to cut the hair down to size but not tamper with how far down it comes. She literally just left them as they were! I have no idea what this woman is thinking but is clear that nothing I am saying is registering inside…

ATTEMPT #4- Buzz……. She cleans up the sideburns and finally brings the fade in, but before she could say -how’s that, I tell her to bring the fade up a little… Finally we are done! I have never had that much trouble with my hair before. It took soo long, I mean the other lady saw three different people while I was being done. 

“longest hair cut ever”



One response

  1. freshcoffey

    that really sucks. Well, some people are stupid, and some times we have to call them brother. hahaha

    February 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm

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