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The Nails Of Christ

I have always believed that Jesus had the nails in the palms of his hand just like the Bible says they were. Many people will argue that fact. Honestly I feel people focus on it too much. I mean does it really matter where the were? Anyway I just wanted to say that I will always believe they were in the hands and there has been new “scientific” evidence to prove it. The following is from an article done by some researchers. I found it interesting and think people should give it some consideration.

Although the case of Jehohanan* showed that victims’ feet were nailed, what about the hands? In the Gospel of John, the apostle Thomas refers to the nail holes in Jesus’ hands. In the 1930s, experiments conducted with cadavers led researcher Pierre Barbet to conclude that nails driven through the palms of the hands could not have supported the weight of the arms and upper body —and that the nails were more likely driven through the wrists, which would have lent more support.

Crucifixologists also believed that the weight of the victim’s body pulled down on the diaphragm, making it increasingly difficult for him to breathe and leading to death by asphyxiation.

A change of heart
More recently, however, researchers have come around to the view that the nailed feet provided enough support for the body, and that the hands could have been merely tied. “Quest for Truth” uses the Visible Human Project to show that putting nails through the palms would have resulted in maximum nerve damage and pain.

“The cruelty of the Romans would have led them to find the palms of the hands as the most painful part,” Reed said. He suggested that the Romans also used wooden washers to make sure the hands and the feet couldn’t be pulled away from the nails.

All that pain and exposure would have led to a condition called hypovolemic shock, based on tests that pathologist Frederick Zugibe conducted on student volunteers under closely monitored lab conditions. Blood pressure would drop, leading to irreversible organ damage, heart stoppage and death. Piercing Jesus’ side would release the pooled blood and fluid, just as described in the Gospels.

***The man that they mention, Jehohanan, is someone whos bones were dicovered. According to historians he died from crucifixion 7 A.D.

“Believe what you want. Either way He died a horrible death for our sins”



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