A disciples journey

Goodbye Of A Lifetime

I feel a shift in the making, I look around and find something new something changing.

I look back to see in the distance, Somewhere lost beyond the haze a remnants.

though it doesnt always make much sense, like the dying flower it shrinks to a past existence.

Everything I have come to be, has died away reformed and set free.

Its time for the goodbye, the goodbye of a lifetime.

So long to things that were mine, all in all it belongs to the Divine.

The goodbye of a lifetime, this is my new design.

I can feel His everlasting presence, through the blue skies as the wind caresses.

I hear the chorus of an angelic call, when the dark clouds appear and the rain drops fall.

See the strength in the mountains and raging rivers, beyond space time and all the universe

To live for something greater than myself, puts all I used to know on the shelf.

Its time for the goodbye, the goodbye of a lifetime.



One response

  1. Respected Sir,
    I, Professor Abdul Aziz Ansari, Department of Civil Engineering, QUEST, Nawabshah want to bring this to your kind notice that we have been conducting systematic research on local materials of construction and we have been getting our work published in various journals since last more than twenty years. Recently we embarked on a research project pertaining to the use of soil for pre-cast post-reinforced baked clay panels of beams. Altogether forty eight large size beams were cast, baked, post-reinforced, cured and tested to study the behaviour of pre-perforated post-reinforced baked clay beams with different parameters inorder to check the suitability of these universally available materials of construction, i.e. clay silt and sand for low cost housing without sacrificing the durability, the strength and elegance of buildings in the plain areas where the soil is alluvial and materials of construction like hill sand, coarse aggregate, cement and steel bars are to be transported over large distance for R.C.C. Preliminary studies were carried out on soil samples collected from 25 different sites in terms of their physical composition and presence of various salts and other chemicals. Their effect on the strength of baked clay specimens was studied. a systematic study was performed experimentlly to find the best clay to pit-sand ratio and the required compression force for compaction which would impact the crushing strength to this material equivalent to cement concrete without making it too expensive. The crushing strength as high as 6100 psi has been achieved which can be compared with 3000 psi for concrete used in ordinary houses. Complete details is presented in a research paper which I would like to request to published in your esteeemed journals.
    I’ll be very much thankful if you kindly let me know about your policy, financial implication if any and further details so that I could send the paper to you for the said purpose.
    A prompt resp[onse from your end will be highly appreciated.
    With regards.

    Truly Yours
    Professor Abdul Aziz Ansari,
    Department of Civil Engineering,
    Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering
    Science & Technology, Nawabshah (Sindh)
    e-mail: bdlzz_ansari@ Yahoo.com

    November 5, 2009 at 12:36 am

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