A disciples journey


It has been quite some time since my accident on 6/08/08 and life hasn’t gotten any easier. Yet while it has been a bumpy road to recovery, I have been learning and growing closer to Christ, specifically  in one particular area. It’s true, I like all people need improvement in all areas but God has been working on me in one special way this year. FAITH! Faith has been the focal point of my development in the Spiritual life. So many mountains… so many choices, pressure that pushes your sanity… I have become less concerned with all the little problems and “worries” of the world and have entered into a state of trust. I find myself surprised at how much I have let God take control of all the problems, and all the things He has done.

Recently my wife and I have been concentrating on what was to become of our living arrangement, as our current lease nears an end. Having tight finances and a baby on the way our options have been limited and unappealing. So what do you do in this situation? Look at what you can’t do and stress out about what will happen? Or trust God and know that you are his child,  just like any “physical” loving parent you know that they care and want to help you to succeed? Human nature compels you to handle problems yourself because You want to be in control, but that’s not what being a Christian is about. Living in the Christian walk requires you to give up your ways and follow where God leads. So my wife and I have been praying, seeking answers through God and not through ourselves. We have given room to let God be in control and the fruits are showing! God has answered the prayer by giving us a home to stay in where we will rent from a very good friend of mine, that has a two bedroom condo giving us an extra room for the baby and will be in our price range! Praise God for Daniel and his condo! More than likely this will be our home until we can buy a house, which means we wont have to deal with moving for several years. Hoorah!

“When you let God be in control he will lead you down the right path.”



One response

  1. Elaina Hamm

    I am so happy for you both. You are so right God is our loving Father. Daniel has proven to be a good friend time and time God blessed you with his friendship.

    August 2, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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